Carolina Modeling Group – Charleston SC

A group of photographers, models, stylists and various family members met in Charleston SC over the weekend of March 17 and 18. The weather was perfect but the bugs were, well, behaving like nasty bugs. I joined the group just before sunrise at a beach access off East Ashley Rd, Folly Beach. Later we went to the public access below the bridge over the Cooper River. More visits to Folly Beach Saturday evening and Sunday morning. All too soon the weekend was over and it was back to the daily grind.

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Spontaneous Posing

I visited the Carolina Renaissance Festival on November 12th, 2011. One of my shooting methods in a situation like this is to select a spot and observe the visitors and participants streaming past. Occasionally someone will attract my attention and I will try to capture an image or two.  I saw this lady in a Jester costume, lifted the camera and she struck a pose. She took a step and struck another pose.  Then another.  And another. With each pose I  took a picture. Soon she was too close to me and I lowered my camera. We smiled at each other and she was gone. No words, no directing, just eye contact and an appreciative nod.

Time of first shot 12:23:13 pm. Time of last shot 12:23:25 pm.  12 seconds of sheer bliss!

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