“The King & I” – R.J.Reynolds High School

Having a wife who is a Theater Arts Teacher, I have watched every year as she hustles and coerces her students into shape. I usually watch a rehearsal about two weeks out from the scheduled performance. I often thought they were moving towards disaster, only to be pleasantly surprised to see the eventual performance which was almost unrecognizable from the mess I had seen two weeks previously.

This year was slightly different in that my wife now teaches at R.J. Reynolds High School, an Arts Magnet High School in Winston-Salem, NC. “The King & I” is based on the true story of Anna Leonowens and her influence on the court of the King of Siam. From the beginning I knew this production was definitely on a different level, and I had not had the opportunity to see any rehearsals prior to the performance. I was totally amazed to see the polished performance on stage, flawlessly run by students backstage. The actors were superlative, the costumes breathtaking and the performance one of the best I have ever seen, including numerous professional shows.

At her request, I have photographed most of my wife’s shows in order to provide an visual record for her and the students. I hope this time I have done justice to this wonderful event.

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