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Author: Duncan

TTC-Combined Test & Jumper Show-03/13/2021

At last, the  TTC Dressage, Combined Test and Jumper Show on 03/13/2021 turned out to be a horse show that wasn’t affected by the weather!  A small but enthusiastic group enjoyed the cool temperatures, and it was cloudy, with no rain. No rain, you say? How’s that even possible? There were even sightings of small dust clouds kicked up in the arena. It’s been a while since that we last saw that!   …

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Winter Hunter Horse Show TTC Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

TTC-Winter Hunter Show-02/27/2021

Over the past few months, I missed several horse shows because of weather cancellations, reschedules, and conflicts caused by the rescheduling. Then a lot of rain over the days prior to the TTC Winter Hunter Show on 02/27/2021, put this rescheduled event in jeopardy. However, a lot of hard work on the part of TTC staff and a break in the weather allowed the event to proceed …

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Highlights 2020 | Sabela Images Photography | photo by Duncan Moody

Sabela Images Photography – Highlights 2020

For most of us, 2020 was not a good year. As a photographer this was a time for continual adaptation. Similar to most businesses, we had to work around lock-downs, re-schedules, cancellations and fewer bookings.
However, in between the trials and tribulations, we experienced a number of highlights. We’d like to share a few of 2020 highlights at Sabela Images Photography.

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Thoroughbred Training Center (TTC), Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

TTC Jumper Show – 12/12/2020

Posted! Photographs from the Jumper Show at Thoroughbred Training Center on Saturday, December 12, 2020. This was the last horse show I photographed at TTC in 2020. WOW! What a year! Here’s wishing everyone the very best for 2021.

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Thoroughbred Training Center (TTC), Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

TTC – English Fun Hunter Show – 10/24/2020

This was the largest show I have experienced at TTC. Because of the huge entry, there was a distinct possibility of not being able to complete before dark. Therefore, the schedule for the day was juggled with some split classes and other combined classes . . .

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Thoroughbred Training Center (TTC), Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

TTC – English Hunter Fun Show – 9/5/2020

‘A Judge’s View’ has become a highlight of my day while taking photographs of a Hunter Show at TTC. I try to get at close as I can in order to hear the comments and watch the reactions. The judges are usually generous with their constructive criticism and I love the expressions on the rider’s faces as they absorb the words of wisdom . . .

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Grandfather Mountain Highland Games | Sabela Images Photography

Memories (Part II) – Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are held on the second full weekend in July at MacRae Meadows on Grandfather Mountain near Linville, North Carolina. The annual four-day Scottish festival is the largest gathering of Scottish Clans in North America, and is truly impressive with hundreds of different tartans, spectacular athletic competitions, excellent food, and Celtic music.
Unfortunately, the 2020 event was cancelled . . .

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Heavy Rebel Weekender Car Show | Sabela Images Photography

Memories – Heavy Rebel Weekender Car Show

The Heavy Rebel Weekender, is a music and car festival held downtown Winston-Salem NC in early July for almost 20 years. In 2020 the live event was cancelled and replaced by an online event. 
In lieu of the real thing, I recently went through my archives . . .

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