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Hillcrest Farm Show 07/10/2019

Hillcrest Farm, Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

Hillcrest Farms Wednesday Show 07/10/2019:

The weather was mostly cloudy and humid during the Hillcrest Farm Show on 07/10/2019. But the sun broke through occasionally and baked us with its heat.

Sometimes I find an arena course difficult to photograph because of the placement and angles of the jumps in relation to the sun. Consequently, I have to move around a lot, to avoid harsh shadows or to get a good view of the various jumps as the rider proceeds around the course.

This event was different. Not only because of soft light from the scattered cloudy weather, but also the placement of jumps allowed me to stand almost in one spot to capture images at four or five different jumps.

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