A one hour photoshoot.

Olivia-Chattanooga TN

Olivia-Chattanooga TN


I first met Olivia at a CMG shootout in Charleston SC. A few months later when my work schedule took me close to her hometown  Chattanooga TN, I contacted her and we arranged a shoot after work. She chose the location downtown, the outfit, styling, makeup, even the transport. I provided the camera and some extra light.



At the last minute my schedule changed, and we were left with just one hour of shooting time.  With rapidly changing lighting conditions, we quickly worked through a series of poses and angles, and ended up with a very nice set of pictures. She was looking for something a “little edgy”,  I was trying for a fashion look with some dynamic poses. I think we nailed both.



A thoroughly enjoyable and productive hour.



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Playing Catchup

Carolina Modelling Group-Charleston 2014

Carolina Modelling Group-Charleston 2014

I was due to travel to Charleston SC the weekend of Sept 20th for a model / photographer shootout. As the date crept closer, the weather forecast kept on changing with Saturday varying from 10% chance of rain to 80%. Faced with the prospect of a 10hr round-trip, possible bad weather and worse, maybe no models, I was considering withdrawing when the event was officially cancelled. Suddenly I had a weekend alone at home with nothing to do. Putting aside my disappointment, I now had a perfect excuse to update the website and other overdue “stuff”. It took me longer than I thought but I’m almost there! See the updated gallery here…

Twilight Inspired Photoshoot

This Twilight-inspired photo-shoot took weeks to find a time that coincided with one of my visits to Greenville, SC, and fitted in with Katie and Neena’s busy schedules. It was originally planned as an outdoor shoot, but the morning arrived and rain was threatening then started pouring during makeup. Our only alternative was to do the shoot in a small area of an office. It wasn’t easy and the space not wide enough to do some of the poses with two models, but it worked! Later the final three images were created by dropping in suitable backgrounds.

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Carolina Renaissance Festival – 2012

19th Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival & Artisan Marketplace, Huntersville, NC.

It took me a while to warm up, my timing was off and the sun light was very harsh. After  a while I found my rythmn and some great locations out of the direct sun. I particularly enjoyed the Nickel Shakespeare Girls, 2-one-woman-show and several individual characters.

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Gargoyle2-one-woman-show2-one-woman-showA Nickel Shakespeare GirlCavalier

Imagination Design Marathon


On June 2nd artists, designers, architects and other community innovators are invited to join creative teams to brainstorm, sketch and model together to design an Imaginarium for downtown Winston-Salem. The resulting works will be displayed at a public art exhibit…

The Imagination Design Marathon was a collaboration between Community Design Studio and the Imagination Installation Project. I was fortunate to be invited to help document this event. It was a very interesting day indeed!

An album of the event.

You Tube slideshow of the album.

You Tube timelapse video of teams at work.