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How Our Photo Sessions Work

How Our Photo Sessions Work

Types of Session

We offer several types of photo-sessions. But, most photo sessions follow a similar pattern. The differences between our budget and luxury offerings arise from the time spent in planning, preparation, the actual shoot, the number of photos captured, number of proofs presented and the available add-on packages.

On the one hand, the budget sessions are limited in studio time, the number of images produced and the availability of add-on packages. On the other hand, the luxury offerings allow more time in the studio, more photos to choose from and a wide variety of product offerings.

Steps to follow

  1. Call Us: To set the ball rolling, call us here at the studio at 336-558-4547. If you are sure you want a short 20 minute session, we’ll set up and appointment for the session. Otherwise, we’ll set up a consultation time for you to come into the studio and brainstorm your requirements with us.
  2. Consultation: During the consultation, we’ll show you products, explain session options and product options, discuss your ideas and provide input based on our expertise so we can customize your shoot to best fit your needs, wants and budget. Also, we’ll schedule your photo session.
  3. Your Photo Sessions(s) : Depending on which session option you choose, you may have one photo session or you may have multiple. The duration of the session will vary from 20 minutes to one hour, two hours, or an extended session of four hours and more. Above all, we’ll make sure we have a blast making awesome photos for you, no matter which session you choose!
  4. Review and Ordering Appointment: Full Sessions: Following your final photo session, we’ll arrange a time for you to come into the studio and take a look at the awesomeness we’ve created. We’ll help you select the best images from the proofs. Also, we’ll help select product options to show off your portraits the way you want!  Short Sessions: We’ll provide you with a link to an On-Line Gallery where you can view, download files or order add-on products.
  5. Pick Up Your Goodies: Typically within 3 – 4 weeks of placing your order, your order will be ready for pick up at our studio. We’ll call you to let you know everything’s ready.
  6. Tell Your Friends: With great photos comes great responsibility. Go tell all your friends to book a session with us. Most importantly for high school seniors, don’t forget about the referral bonuses mentioned in your senior kit!