Thoroughbred Training Center (TTC), Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

TTC Jumper Show 08/17/2019:

TTC hosted a Dressage, Combined Test and Jumper show on 08/17/2019. To begin with, the weather forecast called for an overcast and relatively comfortable morning. But later on, conditions were supposed to clear and become much hotter. Consequently, a cut-off time was set for 2 pm. As expected, the riders were able to complete the Combined Test portion and the first half of the Jumper show before the cut-off.  But later, the remainder of the Jumper show had to be canceled as the sun began beating uncomfortably down on the horses and riders.

At the start of the show, I picked out a shady spot under a tree where I set up my equipment. Later, I met new friends who likewise took shelter under the same tree. The group included a tiny girl in a stroller. While the baby gurgled or slept, and in between taking pictures, I chatted with the adults about training and attitude and talent and other important stuff that makes the world go around.

TTC Location

Thoroughbred Training Center | 158 McCashin Ln | Mocksville, NC 27028

Phone: 336-998-5280

email: [email protected]


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