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Author: Duncan

photo by Duncan Moody Sabela Images Photography at Hillcrest Farms Mocksville

Hillcrest Wednesday Show – 6/23/2021

Are horse shows getting back to normal as we see Covid statistics dwindle? I hope so! I have friends and family all over the world. Some areas like Australia and New Zealand were isolated from the worst. But countries like Brazil, South Africa and Namibia are not faring well now. Lets spare them a thought as we heave a sigh of relief.

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Hunter Show TTC Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

TTC-Hunter Show-06/12/2021

The TTC Hunter Show on 06/12/2021 attracted a large number of entries. The day started out warm enough and humid enough to make photography difficult early on. Fortunately, the humidity dropped and conditions soon became more comfortable…

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TTC-Combined Test & Jumper Show-03/13/2021

At last, the  TTC Dressage, Combined Test and Jumper Show on 03/13/2021 turned out to be a horse show that wasn’t affected by the weather!  A small but enthusiastic group enjoyed the cool temperatures, and it was cloudy, with no rain. No rain, you say? How’s that even possible? There were even sightings of small dust clouds kicked up in the arena. It’s been a while since that we last saw that!   …

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Winter Hunter Horse Show TTC Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

TTC-Winter Hunter Show-02/27/2021

Over the past few months, I missed several horse shows because of weather cancellations, reschedules, and conflicts caused by the rescheduling. Then a lot of rain over the days prior to the TTC Winter Hunter Show on 02/27/2021, put this rescheduled event in jeopardy. However, a lot of hard work on the part of TTC staff and a break in the weather allowed the event to proceed …

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Highlights 2020 | Sabela Images Photography | photo by Duncan Moody

Sabela Images Photography – Highlights 2020

For most of us, 2020 was not a good year. As a photographer this was a time for continual adaptation. Similar to most businesses, we had to work around lock-downs, re-schedules, cancellations and fewer bookings.
However, in between the trials and tribulations, we experienced a number of highlights. We’d like to share a few of 2020 highlights at Sabela Images Photography.

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