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Sabela Images Photography

Recent Blog Posts

TTC Hunter Show | Sabela Images Photography

TTC-English Hunter Fun Show – 6/13/2020

It had been quite a while since TTC was able to host an English Hunter Fun Show. So the June 13 show was eagerly anticipated. The day finally arrived promising great weather, and it was, The temperature was warm and the humidity relatively low. The arena was dry and dusty. What a contrast from three weeks earlier . . .

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Thoroughbred Training Center (TTC), Mocksville NC | Photographer - Duncan Moody | Sabela Images Photography

TTC-CT & Jumper Show – 6/6/2020

On Saturday June 6, I saw a lot of “successful competition”, also “having a good time and having fun”, and “putting in 100 percent”. Then, towards the end of the day, there were four consecutive events where two young riders displayed all of the above, while they traded first and second places. Their riding styles were very different. One rode a tall horse with power and smooth control, while the other on a smaller mount had speed and agility, especially in the turns . . .

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Thoroughbred Training Center (TTC) | Sabela Images Photography

TTC-CT and Jumper Show 05/23/2020

Most of us have tried really hard to be patient and persevere during these difficult times. One ‘patience milestone’ was reached on May 23rd with the first horse show at TTC in over two months, due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The TTC organizers published a set of guidelines that required masks be worn at the secretary’s stand and in the tack shop, and a limit on the size of groups of people. . . .

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Hillcrest Farm Photos December 7 2019 D/CT show | Sabela Images Photography

Hillcrest Farm Photos 12/07/2019

Photos from Hillcrest Farm D/CT show on December 7, 2019. Some familiar faces were in attendance but also a number of new names and faces.

Next Year’s Shows: NCDCTA Recognized

February 8, 2020 D/CT Show
March 28, 2020 Spring Horse Trial with Dressage or CT Show Happy Holidays . . .

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Friendly Butterfly | Sabela Images Photography

Friendly Butterfly

On a hot July day, I stepped outside the studio and something landed on my shoulder. At first, I thought it might be an angry wasp because I’d seen a few. Rather, it turned out to be a friendly butterfly . . .

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