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Sabela Images Photography

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Sabela Images Photography

Recent Blog Posts

photo by Sabela Images Photography at Hillcrest Farms Mocksville

Hillcrest Farm Horse Show – 8/1/2020

Posted! Photographs from the Horse Show at Hillcrest Farms on Saturday August 1st, 2020. Covid-19 masks, eye-glasses and high humidity are a combination that makes it uncomfortable and difficult to practice action photography.  I had to contend with all three in the early part of this show.  . . .

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Grandfather Mountain Highland Games | Sabela Images Photography

Memories (Part II) – Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are held on the second full weekend in July at MacRae Meadows on Grandfather Mountain near Linville, North Carolina. The annual four-day Scottish festival is the largest gathering of Scottish Clans in North America, and is truly impressive with hundreds of different tartans, spectacular athletic competitions, excellent food, and Celtic music.
Unfortunately, the 2020 event was cancelled . . .

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Heavy Rebel Weekender Car Show | Sabela Images Photography

Memories – Heavy Rebel Weekender Car Show

The Heavy Rebel Weekender, is a music and car festival held downtown Winston-Salem NC in early July for almost 20 years. In 2020 the live event was cancelled and replaced by an online event. 
In lieu of the real thing, I recently went through my archives . . .

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Sabela Images Photography | Thoroughbred Training Center

TTC – English Hunter Fun Show – 06/27/2020

At an English Hunter Fun Show at TTC, there are two classes where the judge answers questions or shares interesting pieces of advice individually or to the group. During “a Judge’s View”, I normally take a quick break while there is this lull in the action.

However, at the Hunter show on June 27, I happened to be standing right next to the judge’s box when the riders gathered around on their horses, looking up towards the judge. I noticed the soft sunlight reflecting off the white wall of the judges box was creating some flattering lighting conditions . . .

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Sabela Images Photography at Hillcrest Farms

Hillcrest Farms Horse show – 06/20/2020

Saturday June 20th was the the first horse show at Hillcrest Farms since early February. Saturday was very different! The weather was pleasant, the turnout was good, and there was a lot of happy chatter. However, Social Distancing and talking through a mask tend to put a damper on conversations, but not on the enjoyment of the entrants . . .

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TTC Hunter Show | Sabela Images Photography

TTC-English Hunter Fun Show – 6/13/2020

It had been quite a while since TTC was able to host an English Hunter Fun Show. So the June 13 show was eagerly anticipated. The day finally arrived promising great weather, and it was, The temperature was warm and the humidity relatively low. The arena was dry and dusty. What a contrast from three weeks earlier . . .

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