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Highlights 2020 | Sabela Images Photography | photo by Duncan Moody

Sabela Images Photography – Highlights 2020

For most of us, 2020 was not a good year. As a photographer this was a time for continual adaptation. Similar to most businesses, we had to work around lock-downs, re-schedules, cancellations and fewer bookings. Personally I had to learn new tricks and techniques.  For example, how to cope with fogged eye glasses and new and different ways to communicate from behind  a mask. These may seem like trivial problems to most, but if you can’t see and you can’t direct, most of what makes us photographers is lost.

However, in between the trials and tribulations, we experienced a number of highlights. Below we’d like to share a few of 2020 highlights at Sabela Images Photography.

Thoroughbred Training Center

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Hillcrest Farms

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