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dressage | photo by Duncan Moody Sabela Images Photography at Hillcrest Farms Mocksville

Hillcrest Farms D/CT Show - 03/19/2022

Posted! Photographs from the Hillcrest Farms D/CT Show on March 19, 2022. 

When I’m at a horse show and some class is under way, I’m usually concentrating deeply on the horses and riders and on what’s going on around me. At the same time, I’m reviewing the direction of the sun and harsh shadows, or clouds and softer shadows. Not to mention angles of approach, backgrounds, warnings from spectators, or any other clues to where the next opportunity or obstacle might be. Because of this, I move around frequently while I try to anticipate where I should position myself to get the next good shot. So, while I’m actively shooting I may appear aloof or detached. However, I have an excuse. I blame it on all the confusing stuff going on in my head!

On the other hand, between classes when there is no apparent action, I try to mentally relax, At these times, I love it when someone stops to ask a question, engage in conversation or pay a compliment. Thank you to those who make my day while I am in one of those “in-between” resting moments, and hopefully behaving like a somewhat normal person.

Announcement: For anybody considering a print order, we have switched to a different professional print lab. The previous lab produced amazing quality, but with a lab located, on the west cost we experienced several shipping problems and production delays, especially this past December with Christmas orders. The new lab is one of the best, and being physically closer will be a big plus. Reduced Standard shipping times for one!  Our print prices have been adjusted according to the new lab’s pricing structure.

One new feature is in the way Gallery Wraps are presented on our pricelist. Gallery Wraps are photographic images printed on a canvas, and stretched over a wooden frame. This is one of the best ways to display your favorite photos.

Try this demo to see how this new feature works. Select any photograph in the gallery then choose the “Buy Photo” button. Click the “Gallery Wrap” tab, then choose a size and a surface finish. Images  will appear at the bottom of the panel that show five different views of what your photo will look like as a Gallery Wrap.  Try it out. You will love it!

For anybody who prefers digital downloads, these are not affected by the switch  to the new lab.

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