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Memories (Part II) – Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are held on the second full weekend in July at MacRae Meadows on Grandfather Mountain near Linville, North Carolina. The annual four-day Scottish festival is the largest gathering of Scottish Clans in North America. It  is truly impressive with hundreds of different tartans, spectacular athletic competitions, excellent food, and Celtic music. Unfortunately, the 2020 event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The highland games weekend is one of my favorite events on the July Calendar.  Consequently, it was a big disappointment not to be able  to immerse myself in this unique cultural event while searching for interesting images.

In lieu of the real thing today,  I went through my archives to remind myself of what MacRae Meadows is like during the weekend event. Here are some of my favorite videos and images from the past few years.

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