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TTC – English Hunter Fun Show – 06/27/2020

Sabela Images Photography | Thoroughbred Training Center

At an English Hunter Fun Show at TTC, there are two classes where the judge answers questions or shares interesting pieces of advice individually or to the group. During “a Judge’s View”, I normally take a quick break while there is this lull in the action. 

However, at the Hunter show on June 27, I happened to be standing right next to the judge’s box when the riders gathered around on their horses, looking up towards  the judge. I noticed the soft sunlight reflecting off the white wall of the judges box was creating some flattering lighting conditions. In addition, the expressions on their faces as judge Jeanne Cross handed out her compliments, words of wisdom and gentle critique, was captivating. 

 Naturally I could not miss an opportunity like this  to record some lovely images together with the smiles. While this was going on,  the horses just patiently waited. So I had to include a few of them too.

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