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TTC-English Hunter Fun Show – 6/13/2020

It had been quite a while since TTC was able to host an English Hunter Fun Show. So the June 13 show was eagerly anticipated. The day finally arrived, promising great weather, and it didn’t disappoint. The temperature was  warm and the humidity relatively low.  

The arena was dry and dusty. What a contrast from three weeks earlier! The dust did cause a few problems, and there were a few occasions when the riders were barely visible behind a brown cloud. No matter where you went, the dust was sure to follow. I had to blow off all my equipment afterwards and I could barely recognize my own boots. The riders were right in the middle of it, so they bore the brunt.

The atmosphere was a happy one, and judging by some of the Facebook posts Iv’e seen, the event was enjoyed by all.

Even the horses seemed to enjoy the day!

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